Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It all happens for a reason

So I finally got the email. It was a bummer of an email.  When I read it I was a bit deflated, sad, and irritated. For the amount of money I spend at Lifetime Fitness, I figured I would be able to walk into Leadville just by asking!

Then I got mad at myself for feeling that kind of entitlement...that I could just buy my way in. As I was beating myself up for being an entitled jerk, I remembered it is pretty clear there is more than one way to buy your way in ($2000 for a 2.25 day training camp, not including lodging anyone????)

So I got over it.  

As always, Suman provided the real insight to what's going on here. 

Last year, on a whim, on my first try, I got into Leadville from the lottery. Getting the email transformed me in many ways. I'm not a huge believer in fate, but it certainly seems that the universe was not only telling me something, but giving me what I needed as a cyclist and as a human when I needed it. 

This year I need to qualify. Put some more sweat in, get myself organized, and earn my place at the corner of 6th and Harrison. Maybe I need that race in Lake Tahoe to make me fast.  Maybe I need the trip to let the fam have some time to themselves. Maybe I need to connect with new and old friends. Maybe I need to be transformed again. 

Time to dig deep!

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