Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Saturday I race the Whiskey Off Road 50 for the 4th time.  I DNFd once, should have been DSQ once, and last year gutted out rain/sleet/snow/dirt/wind insanity.  Hoping this year is truly a great day on the bike.  

The Whiskey feels very "Arizona".  Laid back vibe with riders who can rip your legs off going uphill, and demonstrate that you're a giant wimp going down.  No matter what you do on the course, there's great people, good music, and good beer at the finish line.  

There's also a little bit of a scene...

My prep is what it is.  I may ride faster than before, I may not. I have my list of stuff to take, nutrition to take on, etc.  I don't have to worry about podium position, so I put the knobby on the line, and take the (hopefully less than) 5 hours to enjoy riding as fast as I can with no other worries.  Nice bonus that people will have some food and water for me along the way, and I get a glass when I finish.  

My kit is usually utilitarian.  Shorts that fit, a jersey that lets me put stuff in the pockets and does not itch.  Socks that don't hurt my feet.

This year I have a decision to make. Two pieces of kit arrived in the mail this week.  Do I wear the colors of my favorite shop (RIP Nobilette Cycle Cellar), or do I wear the colors of what can best be described as a "movement".  Whatever happens Saturday, I know one thing.  Flying with Shadetree or DC will make me feel a little more like an AZ MTBer when I'm done.