Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I am very excited today.  

This is doubly exciting because I started the day rather sad.  There's an awesome 12-hour race this weekend which I'm not doing because I can't look my family in the eyes and tell them I'll be gone for 15 hours, then be a useless lump on the couch for one more weekend this year.

I am excited because I have a still have a ride planned for Saturday.  And it's not just any ride.  This is the LEGENDARY the ONE AND ONLY Mormon-National loop right here in Phoenix.  

Now I know there are all kinds of people that believe they live in the greatest mountain biking locations in the world.  But here in Valley of the Sun we have amazing trails, that are actually in town.  The advantage is that if you fall and smash you face, shoulder, butt, or other into something hard you can be rescued and treated with only the usual drama.

There's the other advantage of having literally 100s of miles of desert single track that I can ride my bike to pretty much 361 days of the year.  (The other 4 days it's raining)

So this is what's in play for Saturday:

But without the road bit.  Will be riding up the other side.

I get to ride a trail that people specifically travel here to ride from hundreds of miles away...and that makes my life feel just a little better.

This week just got a lot of awesome!

check this space to see if I broke my face later this weekend.  maybe monday