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I am not sure where this is all going. I decided in December 2014 to make this blog about the what goes on in the brain of the average joe cyclist.  Why do MAMILs and MAWILs do it?  What makes us get up at 4am to train? Podiums are unlikely...so...why? I know it will contain bikes, family, friends, and comments on the like.  I hope to rope in some friends to do some posting, but I haven't told them yet..so we'll see.  

Initially, there will be a bunch of stuff re-posted from a Facebook page I was running.  But I got a little tired of FB, and decided that I should learn more about how this page thing works.  Now the blog contains stuff that is too lengthy for Facebook.

The Bad Dad

Some weekend warriors dream of Kona or turning north on 1st Avenue and South into Central Park. Others dream of sheets of ice above the treeline, and standing where airplanes cruise. 

Me, I dream of high alpine passes, roads the turn 22 times to the peak, and dirt tracks named for high country flowers. 

My dreams are usually mud-covered, and always end with beers raised with family and good friends. 

This blog is about the pursuit of a dream I did not expect to ever really take seriously...but here we are! Hope you enjoy the ride(s). I will!

Captain Slow

Does not yet know he should write a bio.

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