Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fat Tire 40-ish

Raced today. Fat Tire-40 (a badly named race if you ask me)  Went hard, went fast.  Had a great ride, until I didn't.  Big Gunz and Momma had some good rides too.  Big Gunz figured out at mile 35 that 1 Gu pack ain't gonna feed the beast for an endurance ride.  

Me and Big Gunz
I turned in a 3:48 for a 47 mile course.  12.5 mph. Last year course was 41.2 miles, and i did a 3:51, for 10.8mph. not a bad ride today I must say. Got passed by 2 guys whilst on the trail, and 3 while i was laying in the dirt collecting soil samples. Went down hard twice. Once at about 20 mph, once at about 12. same thing happened both times. Downhill left hand corner and the front tire didn't grab, until it did, dumping me straight over the bars. The 2nd one took the fight out of me, and I limped home the last 4 miles or so. Likely could have turned in a 3:30 but for the crashes.

Note these crashes both happened after mile 40...but I'm not bitter, really I'm not.  I am in pain.

Another race where I landed in the med tent. Don't think the new hard tail is busted, but the headset may be toast. I'm a bit banged up. Right lat is definitely bruised. Need to recover quick. 

That's all for now.  Full report later

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