Thursday, November 28, 2013

Man vs mountain

This week I went out for a ride with some friends to South Mountain Park in Phoenix.  I suspected Randy would choose the Mormon/National Loop.  I had never ridden in South Mountain, but National is pretty infamous for it's epic descent.  I am not a descender.  Well, I can fly down a rocky trail fast enough but National is something else entirely

So I dropped the kids off at school (the three year old knew I was up to something, as riding gear is not the usual drop-off attire), and headed to the middle of town (trails in the middle of in paradise...).  

The climb was great, and the legs were feeling good.  We were rewarded with some awesome views of the valley from Scottsdale clear to Glendale.

Stupid Photog got a shadow in the pic

Unfortunately the climb ended, and the descent began.  I was generally unhappy and mostly scared for the descent.  I also managed to gain another nice souvenir.

I left a trail...
I *did* ride another trail I had never been on before, and that was good.  Randy is officially forbidden from choosing riding destinations for a minimum of six months.  Did I mention he snapped his derailleur hangar?  That's the cycling gods exacting their penance.

A great day, because I was able to go beyond where I thought I could, and anytime you can push the limits, it's a good day!

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