Thursday, November 28, 2013

2014 Race Schedule

Putting together a racing calendar for next year.  Here's what's shaping up...

Jan 18 – mcdowell meltdown
March 16– mcdowell 40 (unless I’m skiing)
March 29th – mcdowell relay (had fun last year…perhaps howard and stuart could ride later, and avoid getting lost…)
April 26ish – Whiskey 50
May 16-18 – Moab trip with the boys
July 5 – Fire Road Cedar City Utah LT100 qualifier, if necc.
August 9 – LT100 (yes, I want the big buckle)
Sept 6 – Barnburner (LT 100 qualifier..and I want the big buckle in that race too)
Nov 8 – iceman

Let's see if this all happens...

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