Sunday, August 11, 2013

Leadville 2013 -- Prologue

So you all know the outcome. I buckled at Leadville. 

For anyone that has ever put their knobby wheel on a start line, read bicycle magazines, blogs, or had the misfortune of being in a committed relationship with a mountain biker, you know that "buckling" is a good thing. 48 hours later, am still on top of the world. Heck, I'm in Velonews!

This story actually begins back in December 2012, when I started dreaming out loud to Suman about riding Leadville. She encouraged me, and when I actually got in via the lottery she continued to encourage me by making a ton of sacrifice to ensure I got my training time in. 

So this story begins with the end and the very beginning. One does not happen without the other. So thank you Suman for being the critical link in my crew that let me be stronger than I think I am. 

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