Friday, March 25, 2016

4 months!

It's been 4 months since I put something out here. I've had a few rides and 2 races. I should write up the last one, because it was massively uplifting. I thought I was slow and fat...having lost all my fitness to a winter of eating well. (Another proof point that I'm weird, most people who live in Arizona get more for when the weather is 60-75 and sunny every day). But I was not bad. Only 4 minutes slower over 43 miles than last year. There is still power and a little fierceness there 

I also did is the other day in the (new) work gym. Wrote it up in an email to Captain Slow , and I liked it.

* * * 
Another one bites the dust. Written on the plane while flying home

As expected training went to hell this week, but only 1/2 way. I ate well, and too much. I did work out Monday night, Tuesday mornings by and night, Wednesday morning. Nothing really on a bike

Except the spin bike on the main floor of the gym at work.  Which is now broken. 

Either the bottom bracket was at the end of its life having absorbed too much sweat and cleaning bleach over the years, or a mildly frustrated Indian man decided to do 2 X (20 X 30sec) standing sprints on the thing. Having a BMI that registers on the wrong side of "overweight", with much of the over part being in the legs sent those bearings to the scrap heap. 

The slight woman in fancy yoga clothes trying to do her warm up on it did not seem to believe me when I told her it was broke. I think she thought the cranks moving in the plane perpendicular to the rotation was a balance feature. 

So yeah, maybe there's still some power there.

Leadville is in 5 months

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