Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Rode the C4 today.  My favorite trails in valley.  I have the privilege of having 75+ or so miles of incredible desert singletrack accessible from a trailhead 200m from my front door, and the C4 trailhead is about 25 miles from here.  

When I'm being serious about training (or feeling sporting) I'll ride there, ride the loop, and ride home. When I'm feeling really sprint I'll try and keep up with the Flat Tire Bikes shop ride.  I have never kept up.  

The trail itself is incredible.  Every bit of the Sonoran desert you could ask for.  Big views, grand old Saguaro, tight twisty trails, rocks, wide open down hills, big climbs...it's got it all.

Best part about riding up there is getting to stop by the Flat Tire after the ride.  Have a beer at Local Johnny's, and just chill

here's the Strava for those who are interested.  I cut off a small part of the race loop, because I wanted to get that beer.


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